Progetto Risiv

Progetto Risiv

RISIV: regenerate, innovate : social impact volunteering for youth is a strategic partnership (Erasmus+, Key Action 2) coordinated by France (Eurocircle).

Duration: 30 months 01/03/21 – 31/08/23


To create an innovative model of social inclusion through the (inter)active engagement of youth in local volunteering projects to add value to their neighborhoods and drive positive change.
To co-produce and test a training for youth workers to set up local youth volunteering in social impact projects responding to the needs of their neighborhoods
To highlight the role of the youth leader as a key actor of cohesion and group dynamic
To involve and engage young people in a dynamic of civic responsibility and civic engagement within the life of the neighborhood
To prepare young people for European mobility by discovering local youth volunteering in the framework of social impact projects and non-formal education methods

Expected results:

Implementation and support of voluntary projects in the neighborhoods through training
Co-production with youth workers and youth leaders of learning guides on their respective methods
A European training in Spain for youth workers on co-production methods and social impact volunteering projects
A European youth exchange in Portugal on the theme of volunteering in social impact projects and civic engagement.


Coordinator: Eurocircle (France)

Partner countries: France, Spain, Portugal, Cyprys, Italy, United Kingdom.